Broxburn Athletic have and always will encourage all patrons to the club to either play , volunteer , work , and be involved in any club activities with no restrictions in relation to sex , race , marital status , disability , age , sexual orientation or religion .We actively encourage all members of the public to be proactive . Equal opportunities are for all to enable a environment which allows all to fulfil their potential without fear of

discrimination, harassment, or victimisation.

This policy covers recruitment, selection procedures, training, appraisals, career development and promotion .

Our work practice’s, conduct issue’s, allocation of task’s, discipline and grievances are all treated fairly and equally in all aspects.

The principal of non-discrimination and equal opportunities also apply to the way visitors, clients , customers , supporter’s  and former members of the club are treated when engaging with the club .

We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination which could be direct or indirect. Direct discrimination occurs when one person is treated less favourably than any other on the grounds relating to sex, race, marital status, age , disability , sexual orientation or religion .

Indirect discrimination occurs where a requirement is imposed which can be complied with by a smaller proportion of persons of a particular sex, race, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion than a person in any other group.

All members are responsible to combat any form of discrimination and report such to senior management, any forms of discrimination are it direct or indirect to senior management which will be fully unpreducely investigated.

All members will be fully aware of this policy and the procedures and actions required to implement the said policy.