This week’s keydraw was won by Alan Malcolm c/o The Greentree who wins £50 . Unfortunately for Malcolm, young Lucas who helped with the draw today did not pick out the correct key to open the jackpot box . This means next week’s jackpot will be £650 with only 14 keys to pick from to open the jackpot box . Next week’s draw will be live on our facebook page at 5pm  on Sunday the 5th of September  . We thank Lucas for helping us with the draw and Alan for bringing him down to the park  .


Very disappointed to be eliminated from the Scottish cup before it has begun . With a depleted squad we were still confident of overturning the result previously in the league match . We were punished for our errors and did not punish them when the opportunity arose and the game could have been oh so different .As it is we are out and wish Pamela Munro and all associated with Dunbar United all the best in the draw today as we lick our wounds and patch up our injured in preparation for next week’s game at Linlithgow Rose in the Premier League



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