Todays draw was won by Alan Shaw who won £50 . Unfortunately for Alan the key picked by Ronnie Merideth who made the draw today , failed to open the Jackpot box so next week’s draw will have a jackpot of £350 with 20 keys to pick from to open the jackpot box . We thank Ronnie for his time today and if you would like to help us by taking part in the draw please let the committee know and we will accommodate you .


Todays keydraw will still go ahead at 5pm but due to the social media blackout  ,which Broxburn Athletic fully support , this will be recorded and published on Tuesday as soon as the blanket ban has been lifted . The result will be published as soon as possible on this website . Todays draw has a jackpot of £300 with 21 keys to pick from to open the jackpot box . Ron Meridith (AKA junior ) will be making the draw and we thank him for his time today .



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