Broxburn Athletic Football Club have been granted SFA membership and with it we will be issued with our entry level Licence .This will be ratified at the SFA AGM on the 12th of June . I big thank you goes out to all involved with the processing in getting everything in place to satisfy the licence criteria . Well done to all with a special mention to Alan Cunningham and Christopher Townsley who worked tirelessly to collate all the material and documentation in place for our application .This gives us the opportunity to go forward and will be doing our utmost to improve and successfully lead the club to more success and build on our achievements this season .With your help we can make it happen so keep “Backing The Burn ” .


This week’s keydraw  was won by Andrew Reilly c/o The Greentree who won £50  but failed to pick the right key to open the jackpot box and next week’s draw on Sunday the 12th of May will have a jackpot of £1000 with only 7 keys left to pick from to open the jackpot box



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