Could all members of Friends of Broxburn Athletic please make themselves available at the Boness United match where we would like to get a group photo of all involved that can make it along .If you have not all ready joined it is easy to do so . If you can afford to, we are looking to supporters to open up a standing order with a minimum donation of £10 per month ( approx. £2 a week ) this fund goes straight into a  fund that has already  secured the transfers of players such as Kieron Anderson  etc . All money raised  goes to the team building and is much needed to help us stay in this competitive environment . So please continue to back the BURN and if you can, join the Friends of Broxburn  Soon .


Broxburn have signed three  young Livvy lions on loan the three are Gabriele Auriemma ,Cameron Fraser  and Darren Smith three good prospects for the future .Also signed this week to challenge Gary Maley for the number one spot is Gavin King who moved up here local from Lancashire and will be good competition for the gloves this season . On Saturday we managed to sign central defender Jack Blaikie from Spartans and we would like to thank them for their help in getting the lad cleared to play against Broughty Athletic .




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