Our weekly keydraw is another main funding for the club and is as easy as abc to get involved . All you do is set up a direct debit through Mike Dunn  who will give you a reference form and the money comes out on a monthly basis giving you 3 chances every week for £10 per month . There is a guaranteed £50 prize every week (Sunday’s live on Facebook page at 5pm ) with the jackpot starting at £300 with 21 keys to pick from and every week it is not won the jackpot goes up £50 and the keys to pick from go down by 1 key every week until the jackpot is won , then we start all over again . Currently the jackpot sits at £750 with 12 keys left to pick from to open the jackpot box . Johnny Hughes also sells weekly tickets throughout the town at the weekend

League Table

1Broxburn Athletic2971
2Musselburgh Athletic2963
3Jeanfield Swifts2856
4Hutchieson Vale2955
5Dunbar United2853
6Sauchie Juniors2951
7Hill of Beath2944
8Haddington Athletic2943



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