This weekend is a busy fundraising weekend for the club . On Saturday evening at 7pm we are having a race night by way of Facebook .There is still time to buy horse’s with sales closing at 11am on Saturday morning .Horse’s cost £5 with a £20 prize for the winning owner in each race .Just contact Jim Provan and let him know your horse’s name and who the owner is .Each horse bought will enter you into a raffle with a bottle of grouse up for grabs donated by John O’Donnell . On the night click on to Jim Provan’s facebook from 7pm when he will go live to show all the races and the raffle draw .  Good luck and thank you .


The past month we have been organising the restart of our Keydraw , which is drawn weekly . The key draw was put into abeyance when lockdown took effect a year past . At the time there was a jackpot of £1250 with 5 keys left . We have been handing out leaflets for participants to enter through standing order paid on a monthly basis . The response has been terrific and we appreciate the towns support during these difficult times . If you wish to enter the Keydraw contact any committee member who will give you details on how to get involved . This Sunday the 4th of April is the relaunch date and will take place at 5pm live on Jim Provan’s Facebook page and will be drawn by Broxburn Athletic’s Craig Purves  . Although we are doing the Keydraw through Standing Orders we can arrange to accept cash purchase’s in advance . Best of luck everybody and your contributions are very much appreciated  BACK THE BURN


Participants are allocated a ticket with their name on it for every £2

The tickets are put into a drum with a winning ticket to be drawn out at random .

There is a bunch of keys(21) with only one key that opens the padlock releasing the jackpot . This key is also picked from a bag at random once the winning ticket is drawn  .

There are originally 21 keys to start and a £300 jackpot . This jackpot increases by £50 every week it is not won and the number of keys decreases by one key to a minimum of three keys .

The winning ticket owner will be invited to pick the key if available if not it will be done on their behalf  .

The owner of the  winning ticket drawn is guaranteed a prize of £50 .



League Table

1Broxburn Athletic2767
2Musselburgh Athletic2554
3Hutchieson Vale2749
4Jeanfield Swifts2346
5Sauchie Juniors2645
6Dunbar United2544
7Hill of Beath2641
8Haddington Athletic2637



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