With the crisis around the world beginning to create unprecedented situations through out all walks off life .  .we hope all concerned stay safe and we will get through this together .Anyone who is having difficulty coping and needs any help we can help with, do not hesitate to contact the club and if we can we will do what we possibly can  to help. The club is now on lock down and we will keep you up dated when we are informed from the authorities handling the crisis .The one thing we have bringing in income is our Keydraw which is at a critical stage with only three keys left and a £1300 jackpot .With pubs and restaurants etc being closed down for an  a un specified time and contact with people and funders to be cut to a minimal  ,  we feel it would be unfair to carry on under the circumstance’s .The jackpot will be frozen and keys frozen until the situation improves giving everybody a fair chance to continue supporting our fund raiser .We will give plenty of notice when this will resume in the meantime stay safe and follow all instructions being given out and this will be over sooner rather than later .

League Table

1Broxburn Athletic2767
2Musselburgh Athletic2554
3Hutchieson Vale2749
4Jeanfield Swifts2346
5Sauchie Juniors2645
6Dunbar United2544
7Hill of Beath2641
8Haddington Athletic2637



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