As I write this it’s been 53 days since our victory in Coldstream , I don’t think many of us that day could have quite imagined where we would be today ; nearly all world football stopped , the UK , along with other countries , in lockdown for over a month with no end confirmed and worst of all nearly 200,000 people have now sadly passed away after contracting Covid-19 .As club chaplain I’ve had limited opportunity to do what I’m here to do .No training during the week and no match days has wiped out almost all opportunities to see you all ; players ,committee , volunteers and fans .

As our league season has now come to a close , we should take this opportunity to take stock of what we have and to reflect on recent times . I’m sure the memories of this season will last for a long time , continued progress for the club both on the field and off the field , our first season in the new East of Scotland Premier Division which would have ended in a strong challenge for the league title and of course our incredible Scottish Cup run  . It has been great to see that the community spirit that was around the club during that run has continued throughout Broxburn  and the surrounding areas as people have joined together in the fight against Covid-19 .

A few months ago , social media was rife of people commenting on how bad society had become and how their trust in community had failed , but the response to the outbreak has , for the vast , vast majority , been fantastic  . People have rallied round those who need the most support and poured out their praise to those in the frontline helping the country to continue as best it can . I would encourage you all to reach out to anyone you know in these roles and ask  how they are doing , and say thanks . It’s a tough time for those in frontline roles , putting themselves at risk every time they go to work . They deserve our thanks .

We have also started to adjust to a new way of life wether it is working from home  , not being able to work , home schooling while working , the list goes on . For each of you I’d ask you to take a minute to take stock of what you’ve achieved in this time  , even if it is just a case of keep going and surviving day to day . The lockdown will end , and although we don’t know when it will be , we can all look forward to that first game on the new surface at the Albyn Park . It’s been 115 days since we last played there and I’m sure your all as desperate to get back there as I am .

Finally on a personal note , I hope you are all ok . By now I’m sure most of us know people who have contracted the virus and in some of those case the outcome will have been final  . It’s easy to go numb to the numbers , and that can make this time easier to deal with , but to all of you who have experienced family or friends suffering from Covid-19 my thoughts and prayers are with you .

I’m always here if you need someone to chat to .

God bless and see you soon

Chaplain Andrew McPherson


League Table

1Broxburn Athletic3074
2Musselburgh Athletic3063
3Jeanfield Swifts3060
4Dunbar United3056
5Hutchieson Vale3055
6Sauchie Juniors3054
7Hill of Beath3050
8Haddington Athletic3044



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