Conservatory Convertors Cup Final

The club would like to thank all of the support who travelled to Newtongrange last night to back the team ,it was much appreciated .The guys are all gutted the way the game panned out .Thought we were the better side the first half but failed to convert chances and the second half Tranent started getting the better of us the last 20 minutes or so and when the goal came so late there was no coming back .It was as much a disappointment as I can remember and to finish the season on such a disappointing result leaves a bad feeling deep inside . Have a restful close season, after all it has been a roller coaster of a season and look out for updates of coming’s and goings at the club . Thank you once again for your support this season and we will endeavour to improve for next season and so we can go one step further and win silverware next season.

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